STILL my favorite video on YouTube.

Jacques Laffite // Ferrari F40 LM (900hp)


BMW M5 (E60)

Miestershaft GTC exhaust, catless headers, Turner Motorsport software, Turner Motorsport pulleys, 570HP.


Mike Hawthorn
11.28.12 /23:57/ 43

Ferrari 250TR, again..

Listen to that glorious v12 sing!!!


The end of a two-year hibernation.. Take a ride in a 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia. This Ferrari, # 0710, was the first customer Testa Rossa and was raced by Ritchie Ginther, among others. The Simeone Museum is one of the few automotive museums in the world where visitors actually can see and hear famous racecars being driven.

Ferrari 250 TR

Museums are for paintings.


Niki Lauda & James Hunt
11.27.12 /12:45/ 51
11.27.12 /12:44/ 89
Canvas  by  andbamnan